Who doesn't want to be the boss?

A lot of people that venture into traditional small businesses find that they become a slave to their own businesses. But with the Jungle Rides business, there is no staff to manage, no complicated budgets to manage, and no major investments. The Jungle Rides practically runs itself and can grow as large as you choose simply by adding more locations.


When you're not tied down to a strict schedule and a calendar full of commitments, you become in control of your life rather than being controlled by your job.

Financial independence without the stress
You could be a successful Jungle Rides business owner and make a very comfortable living by spending just a few days a week working on your business or driving from one location to another collecting money. With the rest of your time, you can pursue your hobbies, spend time with your family, travel or relax. The Jungle Rides business almost runs itself and offers very little or no cause for stress.

While others who desire to be their own boss invest thousands, even millions of dollars on their startup companies, Jungle Rides requires low startup cost and can be profitable immediately. The success of the business all depends on business location and the owner / operator's ability to generate interest and excitement.

Becoming your own boss is the most important decision you can make. You have the ability to take charge of your finances and your life. It is also a great family business. An entrepreneurial mindset is a fantastic example for children. Best of all, when you are your own boss, you choose how much you'd like to work and how much you'd like to earn. The sky is the limit!

Call Jungle Rides for more information:
Phone: 917-468-5914 or 347-6128120 or 917-440-8828
Email: jungleride@gmail.com

There are several Jungle Animals to choose from including;
Giraffes, Elephants, Tigers, Pandas, Dogs, Lepards, Zebras, Cows and many more.

Call Jungle Rides for more information.
Phone: Phone: 917-468-5914 or 347-6128120 or 917-440-8828 Email: jungleride@gmail.com


New Location Now Open

Summer 2009
Arundel Mills Mall, Hanover, MD

Jungle Rides at Home
Birthday Parties, Block Parties, Reunions

Which animal are you going to Ride?