Noel Helping Local Communities Rehabilitate

Noel is collaborating with such real estate investors as Harry Terezakis, the owner of numerous real estate offices throughout the New York City area and also the owner of numerous real estate holding companies and Nicolas A. Cavallo, Esq., a real estate investment attorney with over fourteen (14) years of experience under his belt.

Harry Terezakis’ expertise is in the renovation of housing in the New York metropolitan area. He has been vital in providing dignified housing in neighborhoods and has been a driving force in the rehabilitation of various communities throughout New York. He has twenty-seven (27) years of experience in rebuilding communities such as South Queens, the Bronx, Bed. Sty., East New York, Brownsville and Bushwick. He has also restored many homes throughout Long Island, New York. (Click here for more information on how we can help your community).

Nicolas A. Cavallo, Esq., A real estate investment attorney has assisted many homeowners with limited income to purchase affordable and dignified housing. Moreover, he has also been instrumental in assisting homeowners who are facing financial difficulties and are at risk of losing their homes. (Click here for more information on how we can help your family).

For information on how you can get involved to help assist Noel to provide quality housing for families (Click here).

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