Noel's Music Accomplishments


"Silent Morning" was released in December of 1987 and sold out in record stores the day of its release.  It hit number five (5) on Billboards's dance charts and was number one (1) on its sales chart.  On the "Top 40" Dance Chart, "Silent Morning" spent fourteen (14) weeks in the number twelve (12) spot and climbed to number two (2) of the Crossover chart as well.      

On Billboard's Dance Club Play chart "Silent Morning" became number one (1) and remained number one (1) for nine weeks.  Moreover, it was number eight (8) for twelve (12) weeks in New York and Miami Billboard's twelve 12" Single Sales Chart.      

"Silent Morning" was the number one (1) requested song for weeks on many radio stations across the country.  The song was recognized with two New York Music Awards for Best Independent Single in 1987, and for Rising Star-Best Dance Record in 1988. Noel also received a Boston Music Award in 1988 for Best New Male Artist.      

Noel followed up his first hit with three other blockbuster songs, all of which climbed towards the top spots of Billboard's and other charts: these were "Like A Child," which sold 250,000 copies in it first week of release, "Out of Time" and "Change."  "Like a Child" became a number one (1) Dance Hit Crossover Single, number one (1) Billboard Sales and number one (1) Billboard Hot Dance Club Play for a total of 12 weeks.   

 "Out of Time" became Billboard's number (1) sales, number (1) dance and number (1) radio air play for 1989.  "Change", the fourth single, also hit the top of the charts and sold over a quarter of a million copies.    

 Noel's whirlwind success launched him into extensive performance tours across the United States, Puerto Rico, Brazil and the United Kingdom.  He appeared on various television shows, including Dick Clark's American Bandstand, CNN Showbiz, Entertainment News, MTV Club, hosted Nickelodeon, appeared in the Jenny Jones Morning Show.      

In 1988, he appeared in a series of print advertisements for Amaretto Liquor in magazines like Time, Playboy, Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone.  Finally, after previously serving as a presenter at the SKC New York Music Awards, the three-time nominee won this award for Best Vocalist in 1989. 

 In addition to his previous hits, Noel released several albums: Noel (1988), Hearts on Fire (1993) which had a single that aired on a "Baywatch" television episode and Will I find True Love (2001).  He also put out two singles, one in 1990, called "Could You Have the Heart" where he was a featured vocalist and the other in 1991 named "The Question".

 Finally, Noel's must widely acclaimed single "Silent Morning" was featured in movies, such as "American Splendor".

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