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When dance music ruled in the 1980’s, Noel’s music was the biggest of it all. “Silent Morning”, Noel’s First Dance hit spent five months on the Billboard HOT 100 towards the end of 1987 and into 1988. In 1988 “Like A Child” spent 15 weeks on the chart including 12 weeks in the TOP 20.

Noel’s music Hits are still blasting the airwaves across the United States and worldwide almost twenty years after they were first recorded. People still can’t get enough of his catchy beats and soulful lyrics that bring us all back to earlier fun and nostalgic times.

But, today, Noel is still at it, creating slamming new material with the likes of production master, Rick Savage. This summer, his new break out single “I Feel Alive” will be hitting the record stores. This single will undoubtedly climb the charts to the number one spot like Noel’s musical masterpieces, “Silent Morning”, “Like A Child”, “Out of Time”, and “The Question”.

Once his new single, “I Feel Alive” hits the airwaves this early summer it will be followed, shortly thereafter, by an entire album due out in the middle of this summer. His music is still dance club oriented but has taken on the new exciting beats that are currently being pumped out of sound systems in clubs like Webster Hall, Deep and Mirage. His moving vocals are going to rock the night club scene and, undoubtedly, flood the radio airwaves.

This site will soon be providing audio clips of these new slamming beats. Log in to regularly to check on the availability of these audio clips. This music will definitely move you like Noel’s classic hits.


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