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"I do highly recommend him for any flooring job, not only is he efficient, clean, and an excellent installer he was always on the job when he said he would be, this alone is rarely seen these days."
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Wooden floors add a natural charm to any room. The possibilities in choosing a design to complement your current decor are endless. With our beautiful pre-finished flooring you have a twenty-five year warranty against wear and tear under normal domestic traffic.

Durability and longevity: Wooden flooring is more durable and lasts longer than ever before with the technology of modern protective finishes. Because of its longevity and durability solid hardwood flooring possibly provides the best value-for-money option compared to other types of flooring. Temperature and sound regulator: Wood is an insulator, helping to keep heat in when it is cold and the house cool when it is hot. Solid wood is also a fibrous material and it absorbs sound. Adds value to your home: Hardwood flooring will add value to your house, making it a great investment, installation is quick and easy on any surface. Low maintenance: Regular sweeping or vacuuming and the occasional mop makes the maintenance of any solid wood flooring easily manageable Dirt and dust do not stick to hardwood surfaces. Safety: Wood absorbs impact better than many other floor types. It has a natural softness, making it potentially safer for places with children and babies Allergies: Hardwood flooring is clean and dust mites and other allergic organisms do not live on such floors making it ideal for the modern environment where so much pollution surrounds us. Hardwood flooring is perfect to combat asthma and numerous other allergies.


Wooden flooring makes rooms appear larger and lighter with each floor being unique as wood is a natural living material. It is easy to clean with an allergy friendly surface. A good quality solid hardwood floor will increase the value of your property and enrich any interior. 

A sound long term investment increases the value of your home while the natural beauty and warm appearance enhances and compliments all decors and styles. The difference between solid hardwood flooring and laminates, engineered boards etc. is dramatic. No “horrible” sound effects, no chipping or cheap looking finishes. You have to see the difference to believe it.


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Solid Hardwood Floors

The traditional wood flooring, solid hardwood floors are made of wood through and through. Typically 3/4-inch thick, it provides excellent insulation and adds substantial strength to your home's structure. Solid wood floors come pre-finished and unfinished, in a wide variety of traditional and exotic species.

Hardwood Floors

Composed of three to five layers of wood glued together using cross-grain lamination, engineered wood flooring is more resistant to expansion and contraction due to temperature changes and moisture. Thinner and more dimensionally stable, engineered wood floors are also more dent-resistant and ideal for high traffic areas. It can be installed over concrete subfloors, and above, below, or on-grade.